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To Optimize Your Energy and Health!

Do you like to get practical insights into your real talents, character, and Current Situation?

Do you like to understand yourself better and support our energy and health to The
Next Level?

Benefits of Face- and Body Reading!

Meet Your True Self

Your Challenges

 Would you like to know what your natural essence is?
 How pronounced are your demarcation skills, your assertiveness, your self-assertion, independence, economic investments, critical faculties, and powers of observation?
 What career change makes sense for you?
 How can you work together harmoniously with others in a team?
 Why does your partner think and act very differently than you do?
 How can you support your child in her/his capabilities?
 What can you change to support your energy and health better?
 What can you do and what can help you stop and change for the better?
 What advice or which type of treatment suits you best?
 What are your weaknesses, strengths, talents?

Our Solutions

 Psychophysiognomy is a teaching of having a neutral overall view. Neutral, because everything is always as it is at this moment.
 An attribute is neutral and a good reader can see it in relation to a particular situation, a strength or weakness. The summit of all attributes results in a comprehensive statement. A simple assessment is misleading in most cases. The educated and practically trained psychophysiognomic expert can see and feel individual characteristics of different areas, which ones qualify, weaken or strengthen each other, and those that may thus lead to other statements as the single attribute alone.
 What about your talents and gifts if you don’t use them? What changes occur in your life when your energy and health become better?

Services that give you more energy and health

Services that gives you more energy and health

Intensive Sessions

Psychophysiognomy Session We analyze more than 250 aspects of your face and body. This is an intensive session, which we perform carefully and communicate the recognized characteristics, conditions and possible changes that we have identified.

Psychophysiognomy session, we analyze more than 250 aspects of your face and body. An intensive session, which we carry out carefully and communicate the recognized characteristics, conditions and possible changes.

Shortcut Sessions

Please bring your specific questions, pictures of family members, friends or business partners, or a personal topic you would like to discuss, and we will help you with a short consultation of 15 minutes.

VIP Sessions

Are you an alternative therapist, naturopath, doctor, coach, or consulting partner or VIP? Please contact us and we will find out how we can support you individually in your current situation.

Do you want to achieve to sustainability within 30 days by integrating a new way of behaviour in your everyday life?

 SuperHabit Track-Sheet  for Developing Your Personal SuperPowers


Claudia Waber


Claudia Tappeser is an absolute expert in the field of face and body reading! She manages to read faces in a flash and to point out sensitive points. Her strength is to recognize character traits and health challenges and to discuss them very sensitively. Thank you, Healing Care.

Tanvir Ahmed

Web Developer at Builderall

I came to Claudia Tappeser with some problems. She treated with me very professionally. She pointed out all important things to me by face reading and discussed them very openly. This helped me to improve my personal life. Long live Healing Care!

Petra Ronzani

Expert in communication & cultural development

As someone who is in a lot of external contact, both professionally and privately, I was interested in what Claudia can supposedly read from my face.  After two weeks of putting her suggestions into practice, I'm still deeply impressed and think that Healing Care is best.

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