Are you seeing some visions, symbols, images, patterns, flashes of light, a presence ? even though vague but something? Well, we are here to guide you to the right path so that you can use these visions as guidance from the spirits (guardian angels - loved ones - God) to lead your journey of life. Intuition is also a powerful business tool.

Meaning of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is an intuition of the third eye. The literal meaning of clairvoyance is ?Clear Vision? ? A French word. It is like you are able to see a glimpse of the past, present, or future in various forms. The concept that clairvoyance is only about the future is nothing but a mere misconception.

Suppose you envision a baby in your dream and people congratulating you ? however you are not even married or pregnant. What this could mean is that soon you may fall in love and get a loving Boyfriend or a beautiful girlfriend. This happened with me too.

A guide for your signs of Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is an innate ability, but many of us think too logical that we lose the signs, or we never knew we have this psychic power. Most people are not aware of, that this gift is God given? and that they have to use it in a wise way. Others may believe that their mind is making things up.

The signs that appear as symbols or patterns are more difficult to understand rather than a clear vision or image. Having said that, you can be a clairvoyant by exercising visualizing, a pure intention to receive the signs, in-depth study about what particular symbol, pattern, or image could mean for you, that can be very individual. You can also ask your guiding spirit ? HOLY SPIRIT to give a clear sign because he loves you and is there to help you. His guidance is perfect.

Do you like to know more? ? Ask a Clairvoyant

Have an online session with Claudia Tappeser ? A clairvoyant who will unravel the stories behind your visions and different images, patterns, and symbols you see. She may also be able to connect you with your guiding spirit. Claudia Tappeser is a God chosen clairvoyant, patho-psychophysiognomic practitioner, and capable of time travel. She respects her gifts and feels a responsibility to use them to service those in need. 

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