Patho means disease and physiognomy means reading of face. The term Pathophysiognomy means identifying the disease through face reading. It has been incorporated in modern science to enhance the prognosis and treatment. It is not astrology but a science of human face. There is no part richer in nerves than the face, which consequently makes it the most sensitive component of the body. 

The wrinkles, face tension, discoloration, swelling, redness can give much important information to a Pathophysiognomist of the underlying pathologic processes and toxins that are harmful to the body. It is not confined only to the colour of the cheeks or rigidity of muscle fibers; rather, integrated impressions and emotions are also considered.

A Pathophysiognomist has to examine the existing harmony between each component of the visage, and its relative significance with the manifestations. God has gifted them with the delicacy of perception that they bring out the invisible to the naked eye.

A common medical observer may only remember the prominent characteristics, but it takes an eye of pathopsychiognomist (the artist) to diagnose lungs, heart, stomach, or specific illnesses, e.g. gout, can be recognized. 

A study involving different age groups and sex indicated that Bald spots, receding hairlines, earlobe crevices, and cholesterol deposits on the eyelid are not just mere signs of aging but a clear indication of high cholesterol and increased risk of heart problems. 57% of the volunteers involved in the study- who displayed these signs, manifested a heart problem.

 A discolored complexion like yellow undertone could indicate liver disease. A bluish tint in lips could indicate heart or lung disease. Dry, flaky skin is not only an indication for dehydration but could be something more serious like hypothyroidism or diabetes.

Meet Claudia Tappeser, a face-reader and patho-psychophysiognomic practitioner, who has been working side by side with doctors to discover the problems her patient is facing or will be facing in the future. Prevention is better than cure so, make a visit to her clinic.