If you have a garden and a library then you have everything you need. Gardening is when you make time to soak up the peace and serenity.

A green thumb does not require a whole garden but a balcony to start with.


?????Before starting a Balcony Garden:

Sun guidelines for Balcony Garden:

Full Sun ? Sun stays for 6 hours or more 

Partial Sun ? Sunlight for 3-6 hours

Partial Shade ? Sun shines for 1.4 to 4 hours 

Full Shade ? Less than 3 hours of sunshine

Sun-Loving Plants and Herbs ? guide to Balcony Garden   

Shade-Loving Plants and Herbs for best Balcony Garden 

Herbs are small, no deep roots, and cheap so they can be grown in containers.

Vegetables that can be grown in your balcony garden are ? tomatoes, cucumber, peas, eggplant, beets, carrots, radish, beans, lettuce, pepper, and chilies 

Other than seeds what do you need for your Balcony Garden:

You can buy seed and balcony gardening tools form the official website of Healing care under the sections Seed Products and Gardening tools, respectively.

Click the link below to buy your favourite seeds, keeping in mind the season, sun and your practice (choose easy plants to grow if you are a beginner).