Want help to improve your telepathic skills? Telepathy is a normal supernatural phenomenon. In our day to day life, we are making telepathic communications, but we don?t bring that in our daily consciousness. You have heard of sentences like, ?Oh! I was about to say the same!? or ?Wow! I was thinking about you, and suddenly you called.?, or simply you and your friend or business partner say the same word at the same time.

What is Telepathy?

The meaning of telepathy is to send or receive thoughts, images, emotions, feelings, energy, and words to someone far away without any means of physical communication. It has been believed  that every living source emits some type of energy, dissipating into the environment. Those who are telepathic are able to use their energy to transfer messages to the other and they are able to receive message without reading the email or call them at the cell.

Can anyone develop telepathic skills? 

Telepathy is a skill, and unlike any other skill, it requires practice, patience, belief in yourself and a partner to practice telepathy with, (Fundamentally it is normal for every living being at our earth). You can also practice it with your pets ? that is what animal whisperers do.

Types of Telepathy

Want to discover your telepathic superpowers? 

Every Individual has unique intuitive abilities that are hidden. All you need to do is to find the right person to help activate them for better you and the people you love.


Make an appointment with Claudia Tappeser - a face-reader, patho-psychophysiognomic practitioner, and capable of telepathic communication and time travel. She uses her unique skills in her client?s best interest.